Royal Mint Experience Celebrates 5th Birthday

Located in Llantrisant, South Wales, The Royal Mint Experience welcomes thousands of visitors each year. We take visitors ‘behind the scenes’ of coin making, followed by an interactive exhibition exploring 1,100 years of history. Each visitor also has the chance to strike their own UK coin.

This month, The Royal Mint Experience celebrates its 5th birthday (a lockdown birthday like most of you are familiar with!). The Experience has recently reopened so it’s the perfect time to take look back on some of it’s important milestones.

The Royal Mint Experience officially opening by Rio 2016 Olympic medal winners Jazz Carlin (swimming) & Sam Cross (Rugby).

October 2016 – The Royal Mint Experience opening ceremony! 

By the time The Royal Mint Experience was officially opened by Olympic medallists Jazz Carlin & Sam Cross in October 2016, it had already welcomed over 40,000 visitors since its initial opening in May. The Rio 2016 Team GB medal winners unveiled the Royal Mint Experience’s official opening plaque.

January 2017 – ‘Strike your own coin’ reveals new £1 coins

The interactive ‘Strike your own coin’ exhibit allowed visitors to strike their very own new £1 coin in January 2017 before it was released into circulation a couple of months later. More recently, visitors were able to strike their own ‘Withdrawal from the EU’ 50p exclusively on January 31st 2020. The ‘Strike your own coin’ exhibit has always proved popular, with coins such as the Sir Isaac Newton 50p and the Nutcracker £5 coins also struck by our visitors.

Prince Charles at The Royal Mint Experience.

July 2017 – A Royal Visit

Prince Charles visited The Royal Mint Experience in July 2017 and was treated to one of our tours, showing how coins are made at The Royal Mint and exploring its rich 1,100 year history as the original maker of coins in the UK. 

VIP Tours available for a glimpse behind the scenes.

January 2019 – VIP Tours 

For the first time, we opened our factory floors exclusively for our VIP tours for a true behind-the-scenes experience. Launched in January 2019, these tours allowed visitors to see the inner workings of The Royal Mint for the first time. 

2020 – We’ve been busy!

While closed in 2020, the RME was home to the production of 1.9m visors for use by the NHS. The Royal Mint has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Llantrisant, and engineers at the site who were keen to support NHS workers began searching for medical equipment which could be easily produced on site. 

Whilst The Royal Mint Experience has remained closed for most of last year, they are now open for the best possible experience and have an exciting calendar of Covid-safe events on offer. The Royal Mint Experience has some of the most unique and rare coins in British history on display, providing visitors with a unique look back in time through the coins and memorabilia of yesteryear.

A number of measures have been implemented to ensure a safe environment for members of the public. The Royal Mint Experience opened Saturday 29th May with tours running from 10am with the last tour starting at 4pm Each tour will accommodate up to seven people while the 2m rule is still in place. 

Additional signage for a one-way system will be visible, with stickers on the floor and barriers put in place – as well as extra hand sanitizer stations. 

Tickets are available now