Laura Whitmore on her fitness routine and why she doesn’t put too much pressure on herself

The Irish presenter and new Love Island host lets Lauren Taylor in on her health and wellness regime.

Irish presenter Laura Whitmore is having a big year. She was named the new presenter of the winter series of ITV2’s Love Island when Caroline Flack stepped down following an assault charge, and she’s received wide praise online so far since the Cape Town show started on Sunday.

The 34-year-old may be helping the contestants find love, but she’s already settled herself with comedian boyfriend Iain Stirling, who provides the show’s voice-over.

She’s wowed in some bold ensembles so far and already looks right at home swanning around the South African villa.

It turns out she’s a bit of a fitness enthusiast, so did her gym hours ramp up before the show? And how does she look after her wellbeing? We caught up with Whitmore to find out…

Are you excited about being in Cape Town and working with Stirling?

“So excited! It is such a privilege to get to travel with work, and what a show! It will be great to see Iain, but something tells me we won’t be seeing each other quite as much as everyone thinks!”

With all the contestants wearing bikinis on Love Island and scrutiny about body image, did you feel any pressure to look a certain way yourself?

“I don’t think anybody should feel pressure to look a certain way. Our bodies are wonderful things and we should love ourselves, independent of what we look like.”

Did you do any extra fitness prep for the start of Love Island filming?

“Not really, no. My schedule has been so crazy busy and Christmas is not the time to be watching what you eat and exercising, but now it’s January, I am back into the routine.”

What’s your weekly fitness routine?

“I try to fit any exercise into my schedule, without putting too much pressure on myself. A lot of what I do is for my mind as much as my body, so usually I try to go to hot yoga twice a week if I can. Wherever I am in the world, I will always have a pair of trainers in my bag.”

Do you like group exercise classes?

“Oh yes! I much prefer to go to a gym class than try and workout by myself. It is so much easier having other people around you and you can motivate each other to do your best and achieve your goals.

“In January, I think a lot of people set themselves a New Year’s resolution to go to the gym more, but sometimes it can be quite hard. So I teamed up with Clif to DJ at a series of workout parties [in London] aimed at helping people reset their fitness routine and help beat the January blues.”

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What motivates you to keep fit?

“After I have done a workout, I feel really pleased with myself and my mind feels clearer. It’s that feeling I constantly remind myself of, to get me to exercise.”

What are your gym bag essentials?

“I couldn’t survive in the gym without my headphones; I love listening to podcasts or music, they really help pass the time. I also always have a towel and a bottle of water.”

Do you and Stirling workout together?

“We try and take the dog for a walk together, but to be honest, our schedules don’t always align to allow us to workout properly together.”

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What’s your favourite way to chill out?

“My favourite way to chill out is either a cup of tea with mates, or a classic bubble bath!”

What’s essential to you for keeping happy and balanced?

“Having a balance between work and friends/family life is really important to me. It needs to be fairly equal. Sometimes all you need is a chat with your mate to help you feel good! I also do need to find time to do a little bit of exercise, whether that is heading to a gym class or going on a run outside, I really find that it keeps the mind strong and healthy, as well as the body.”

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Laura Whitmore teamed up with Clif, the makers of plant-based Clif Bar energy bars, where she DJ’ed at a series of spinning workout sessions aimed at helping people reset their fitness routine in January while staving off winter blues.