Euro 2020: An unofficial ranking of all the football kits in the tournament

The good, the bad and the ugly – Prudence Wade has lots of thoughts on this year’s Euro 2020 football fashion.

After a year’s delay, UEFA Euro 2020 is finally upon us. The first match kicks off on June 11, with Turkey taking on Italy. After a month of football, the winner will eventually be decided at Wembley Stadium on July 7.

We’ll have to wait to find out what team will come out on top, but there’s one thing we can judge right now: the fashion.

Team kits from the 24 countries range from the eyebrow-raising to the truly delightful…

24. North Macedonia

This look says ‘children’s TV show’ more than ‘football champions’.

23. Finland

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Finland’s kit is far too literal: they just made the flag into a shirt, and added a strange ombre on the cross.

22. Croatia

With large red and white squares, there’s no doubt this is Croatia. While distinctive, the style is hard to love

21. The Netherlands

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The Netherlands is pure chaos this year. From afar it looks pretty normal – bright orange, as would be expected – but up close, it’s a tangle of lines making up a lion. It’s definitely a lot.

20. Turkey

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Red and white – not exactly groundbreaking stuff.

19. Poland

For us, Poland’s kit features too much white. At least things are made marginally more interesting with the badge in the middle, but it’s still nothing to write home about.

18. Belgium

Belgium spiced things up with black diagonal stripes on its typically red kit (the team is known as the Red Devils). According to Adidas, “This jersey started life on a canvas, giving it a hand-painted look” – but it also runs the risk of looking a bit messy.

17. Czech Republic

You can’t go far wrong with red and blue, and there’s a nice meaning hidden in this shirt: apparently the subtle geometric patterns represent the Lipa tree, the Slavic symbol for freedom (according to Puma). We just wish it was a bit more obvious.

16. Ukraine

Yellow and blue is a cheerful colour combination, but it’s not the most memorable style we’ve ever seen.

15. Germany

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Germany’s efforts aren’t necessarily bad, but the white base and vertical stripes make it look suspiciously close to pyjamas.

14. Switzerland

Switzerland didn’t fully commit to stripes, but it least it tried something.

13. Austria

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It’s pretty nice, but are we the only people who immediately think of Arsenal when we see Austria?

12. Denmark

Denmark’s kit might look a little bit like there’s a slight growth around the midriff, but we do like the story behind it: it’s a soundwave of Danish fans singing the national anthem. The blue accents are quite snazzy, too.

11. Portugal

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What could’ve been quite a dull red shirt is saved by snazzy green shorts for Portugal. Sure, the players look ever so slightly like they’re cosplaying as elves, but the colours are bright and fun, and we like the collar.

10. Hungary

Apparently Hungary’s kit is inspired by the waves of the river Danube – for us, the best thing about it is the green and white collar.

9. Russia

We like the retro vibe of Russia’s kit: the pattern is fun and interesting, without being too in your face.

8. Sweden

Some things in life are certain: death, taxes and Sweden’s football kit. They sport the colours of IKEA proudly, and we can’t help but smile when we see it.

7. Spain

A slight pattern brings Spain’s kit to life: but really, you can’t go far wrong with red and gold.

6. England

Jack Grealish playing for England
England’s Jack Grealish (Scott Heppell/PA)

For us, England’s kit is an example of the classic done right. Nike hasn’t messed too much with the white, blue and red motif, but has modernised it with a stripe down the side and a crew neck.

5. Italy

Italy’s kit will probably be a divisive one: the deep blue is a winner, but it’s the paisley-type print that will raise a few eyebrows. According to Puma it’s inspired by the “culture-defining Renaissance era”, and we think it falls on the right side of your nan’s wallpaper.

4. France

Bonus points have to go to France for how incredibly French its kit is. It’s classy, classic and undeniably Gallic.

3. Wales

We like how sunny the Welsh kit is. The red and yellow are given a retro twist with striped cuffs on the sleeves.

2. Scotland

Scotland's Scott Banks
Scotland’s Scott Banks (Andrew Milligan/PA)

Scotland’s stripes give off a jaunty Nineties vibe; it manages to seem cool and retro without feeling dated.

1. Slovakia

For us, the sartorial winner of this year’s competition is Slovakia. The shirt pays homage to the country’s mountains in a way that’s graphic, interesting and very chic.