Could you be a host family for boarding school students?

We are lucky to have many excellent boarding schools in Wales which attract pupils from all over the world. Have you ever wondered where they go in the school holidays if it is too far to go home?

Good schools and colleges insist on their international pupils having a guardian, who represents the child’s parents and cares for the children while they are in the UK, just as their own parents would if they were here. Dukes Guardians is a guardianship agency looking after international children aged 8 – 18 at schools and colleges across Wales. During the Easter break, half-term holidays, occasional weekends or other short stays, these children need to be looked after in a caring home where they can relax and feel comfortable.

Dukes Guardians are currently looking for suitable Host Families in South Wales who might enjoy having up to three international students living with them for short periods of time. Each young person needs their own suitably furnished bedroom and access to a lockable bathroom and other communal areas of the house. The Host Family provides them with three healthy meals each day and looks after them in the same way they might look after their own children of a similar age.

Host Families come in all shapes and sizes and can be a regular family with two adults and their own children who may or may not still be living at home, or a single parent family, or a single person. What is most important is that the Host Family wants to care for and learn about their young person and develop a bond with them during their schooling in the UK.

Dukes Guardians Host Families receive £50 per night per student plus any reasonable expenses.

For further information about Dukes Guardians and to access the Host Family Handbook visit Alternatively email Helen on or call her on 020 7399 1991 or 07799 819787.