Buying a barbecue? Here’s how to make some sizzling savings

Demand for barbecues has surged in recent months. Here’s how you can make some savings before you get grilling.

Let’s face it, we’ve always loved a good barbecue come summertime. But it’s fair to say the humble garden grill has become even more central to many people’s dining experiences in recent months, as we’ve swapped eating out for eating at home more often.

According to Tesco, demand for barbecues has surged. A survey carried out by the supermarket revealed that just under half (45%) of people had purchased a new one in the past six months, and over one in 10 (11%) had snapped up a new barbecue within the last few weeks.
Some 7% said they’d enjoyed up to seven barbecues during lockdown already.

If you’re weighing up your options, but are mindful of the costs of buying a new barbecue, here are some tips from price comparison website

1. Consider going re-usable rather than disposable

It might seem like a cheaper and easier option to buy a disposable barbecue, especially if you don’t have much outdoor space to store a proper one. However, in the long run, if you are buying a new disposable barbecue every time you have one, you could end up spending far more.

If you’re worried about having enough storage space, bear in mind there are many compact and portable re-usable models available.

2. Shop around

As well as comparing prices, consider how you’ll use your barbecue. Decide what key functions are important to you, the size, whether you want charcoal or gas, and whether it needs to be portable, etc.

Consider how often you’ll use it and how many people you will usually be catering for. Once you have a clear idea of what you don’t want, you won’t be easily swayed into a purchase just because it looks like a bargain.

3. Shop out of season

If you don’t immediately need to use it, you may find you get more for your money if you can wait a while and buy a barbecue out of season. Prices tend to spike in the summer, when many people make a purchase.

But according to PriceRunner’s own insights, the best time of year to buy a barbecue is often during the Black Friday sale, or during the week before Christmas.

4. Save money on your barbecue menu too

As well as PriceRunner’s tips, Gemma Giles, a product developer at Tesco, suggests looking for cuts of meat which give added value. Turkey tends to be less in demand in the warmer summer months and can be a perfect swap for chicken, for example. To really bring out the flavour, whatever you’re cooking, she suggests applying marinades, rubs and sauces the day before your barbecue.

It’s tempting to get carried away when planning a barbecue but be mindful of how much food you’ll really need, so as to avoid waste. Bulk up your spread with veggie options and salads too.