13 signs you’ve become obsessed with loungewear during lockdown

Have joggers and sweatshirts become your go-to during the pandemic?

Remember before the coronavirus pandemic when you would get up in the morning and leisurely peruse your wardrobe, wondering what to wear? Yeah, us neither.

These days, whether we’re leaving the house or not, loungewear is our fashion default – and we’re not the only ones. Retailers are reporting that sales of tracksuits and other comfy clothes are through the roof as a result of widespread lockdown restrictions.

Here are 13 signs you too are a loungewear addict…

1. Your wardrobe is overflowing

All those thick jogging bottoms and sweatshirts take up a lot of room. You’ve had to shift some of your pre-pandemic garments to make space for your growing loungewear stash.

2. You’ve gone public

There was a time when your loungewear was reserved for lazy days indoors, but not anymore. Your chic co-ords and cargo joggers deserve to be seen, even if it’s only on your daily walk around the park.

3. You get major loungewear envy

You’re always checking out other people’s outfits, and you might even have stopped them in the street (from a safe distance, of course!) to ask where they got that very cool blush pink tracksuit from.

4. You can’t remember the last time you wore jeans

Denim? You’ve got to be kidding? You cannot even imagine encasing your legs in such a tough, rough, unyielding fabric ever again.

5. You’re constantly shopping online

There’s no point buying dresses, bags or high heels right now, but hoodies, leggings and cardigans? It would be rude not to.

6. You’re on first-name terms with all your local delivery people

Well, it’s not like they can fit all those chunky parcels through the letterbox, is it?

7. All your favourite sets are coordinated

You started off acquiring a variety of separates but now you’re loving the matchy-matchy look, going head to toe in camel or khaki, or lipstick-red on days when you’re feeling a bit extra.

8. Your Instagram feed is full of it

You’ve clicked ‘like’ on so many fashion brand and influencer pics featuring loungewear that you’ve trained the Instagram algorithm to keep sending you more. No wonder your online shopping habit is getting a bit out of hand.

9. You only wear trainers

Loungewear and trainers are a match made in fashion heaven, so of course that’s the only footwear you’re into right now (apart from slippers, of course).

10. You know all the latest trends

You started with classic grey marl sweats, enjoyed the tie-dye phase last summer, and now you’re all about the cool-toned pastels. There’s no loungewear trend that doesn’t escape your notice.

11. You only want the best quality

You dream of a wardrobe full of cashmere onesies and coordinating faux-fur slippers. And while sadly your budget doesn’t stretch that far, you’ve learned which high street brands make the snuggliest sweatpants and cosiest cardis, so you’re sticking with your faves.