Video: This is what happens when you try a ‘zombie’ face mask

The Hanacure mask is said to be very effective, but has some weird side effects.

Face masks are meant to make you look better, right? So would you be willing to try a treatment that promises glowing skin in the end, but makes you look a lot WORSE in the process?

The Hanacure All-in-One Facial does just that, producing side effects so bizarre it’s been dubbed the ‘zombie mask’.

The treatment went viral after celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Drew Barrymore shared selfies showing their wrinkly and droopy faces while using the product.

Barrymore claimed the Hanacure mask made her look “10 years younger” – but does it work? I tried the two-part mask to find out.

After mixing the lifting serum and gelling solution, I spread the clear gel over my face and waited. Sure enough, within minutes there was a tight feeling and ‘wrinkles’ started to spread, first around my mouth and then near my eyes and forehead. But by the time I’d taken it off, I could see why the ‘zombie mask’ has got so many rave reviews.

Watch the video below to see the full transformation…

The All-in-One Facial, around £24 (plus shipping), is available online from Hanacure.