Video: How to make a healthy vegan ‘freakshake’ at home

The ultimate sweet fix.

Freakshakes entered the culinary game a few years ago, and since then, they’ve become a viral sensation on Instagram.

Part drink, part dessert, the idea behind these high-calorie mega milkshakes is to pile up as much chocolate, sweets, cream and sauce as you can – the more grotesque, the better.

If you like the idea of drinking an epic shake, but you don’t like the thought of all that unnecessary fat and sugar, we’ve created a healthier take on the foodie trend that will still satiate your sweet tooth and look just as great on Instagram.

Using Vita Coco’s pressed coconut water (£3.50 for 1 litre,, dark chocolate, dairy-free yoghurt and some seasonal fruits and berries, here’s how you can build your own guilt-free freakshake…