Tried and tested: We give our verdict on the new Starbucks cold coffees

Vanilla is the new coffee craze.

With the possible exception of wine, we’re not sure there’s a drink with a more devoted cult following than coffee.

Corporate colossus to craft cafe, common cappuccino to cryptic cortado, these life-giving beans undergo almost weekly reinventions. With the summer season looming large, Starbucks has now released a new range of cold coffees: The ever-reliable Doubleshot Classic, the more avant-garde, Doubleshot Vanilla, and the positively state-of-the-art Nitro with Vanilla Foam.

We run through which – if any – will make it into our morning commutes…

Starbucks Doubleshot Iced Coffee

Double shot espresso

This is iced coffee with an emphasis on ‘iced’. Chillier than a White Walker whose messages you’ve ignored, we recommend slow, steady sips to avoid running the risk of brain-freeze.

Undoubtedly refreshing, this strong coffee brings an uncompromising bitterness that lingers pleasingly in the back of the throat. Zero points for originality, but we’d gladly recommend to a friend.

Starbucks Doubleshot Vanilla Iced Coffee

Double shot vanilla

We were worried that forced flavouring might result in something sickly, but Starbucks seem to have noted that those into super-sweetness probably aren’t the biggest coffee fans. The vanilla flavouring isn’t nearly as overpowering as expected, and manifests mostly as an appealing aftertaste.

A sure hit with caffeine fiends looking for something a little (but not too) different, our scepticism was resoundingly confounded.

Nitro with Vanilla Bean Cold Foam

Nitro coffee

By far the boldest of the new blends, it smells amazing and tastes… fine. It’s exceptionally creamy, but the smoothness leaves the sweetness with nowhere to hide. If you take three sugars with your cuppa, then get in line, but if you favour an inky black Americano, this might not be your cup of, er, tea.

You’ll enjoy the doubleshot whatever your views on vanilla – for the nitro you’ll need to actively like it.