Tried and tested: Here’s our verdict on the new Burger King halloumi burger

Can it compete with flame-grilled beef? Ella Walker finds out.

There’s just something about halloumi that sends people into a heady, cheese-induced spin. Sure, lots of us absolutely adore a good cheese board, but halloumi manages to whip up excitment in a way your usual Cheddar or Stilton just can’t.

Remember the furore when Aldi went and launched halloumi fries? There was a mad dash, with hundreds of people clearing out shelves of the stuff, all desperately looking to get their crispy, cheesy, weirdly squeaky fix (it’s just so brilliantly squeaky on the teeth). And apparently, between us, Brits eat 2,000 tonnes of the stuff a year.

So, it makes sense that Burger King is getting in on the action with their brand new Halloumi Burger…

So, what’s in it?

A slice of proper Cypriot halloumi, creamy-white in the middle and fried until golden and crisp on the outside, sandwiched between a brioche bun, and stacked on rounds of fresh tomato, lettuce and white onion. There’s also a decent coating of mayonnaise.

Is it vegan too?

No, sorry guys. But it is a great veggie alternative to the classic flame-grilled beef Whopper.

How much does it cost?

£3.99 for a single burger, £5.99 for a meal. Or, you can double up and have two halloumi patties for £5.49 (£7.59 for the meal) – and it’s available in UK restaurants from today.

Our verdict

It’s kept really simple – and it works. The cheese hasn’t been marinated, but left to its own devices – and somehow the patties haven’t been thoroughly mangled into a warped, charred version of their former selves (which is always the way when we cook it).

The sweetness of the brioche offsets the saltiness of the cheese (and it is very salty, so don’t double up to two slices if you can’t handle it), and the mayo brings it all together. One burger is easily enough for a swift lunch, and is surprisingly grease-free. The lettuce and tomato even make you feel like it’s borderline healthy.

It’s genuinely pretty good – we’d just add a bit of sweet chilli sauce…