The hottest Welsh bands who should be on your playlist

Baby Brave
Wrexham’s Baby Brave make delightfully kooky, jangly noise pop with Beautiful melodies and quirky vocals. The half male, half female quartet has been evolving into its current state over the last few years, via various incarnations. Their music is gutsy, innovative and fierce, effortlessly delivered whilst sounding like the band members are having oodles of fun. Drawing on wide-ranging influences from Talking Heads to St Vincent, these guys are going places. They are also super lovely to boot and promise the ruin your quiet life!


Oh, you gotta love Estrons; rip roaring and formidable, But also raw, urgent and honest to the core. This slickly presented female fronted band is a mixed bag of Welsh and English folk and has been known to perform live with varying drum beats depending on the drummer’s rum intake. Love ‘em already? Their sound is massive, punchy and most importantly, interesting. Canadian/Swede import Taliesyn sings in both Welsh and English and went on tour a month after birthing her first kid. R-e-s-p-e-c-t! The end of this year sees them gigging all over the UK at all the well respected venues, and the release of a new song.

Cut Ribbons

There’s no other way to say it (sorry not sorry), but these Llanelli kids are just super cool. Their songs are sumptuous, atmospheric and absorbing while tantalising female vocals cleverly suck you in, whisking you away on a veritable journey, probably back to the 1980s. Their debut album was released last year to rave reviews simply because their songs are thorough and dare I say it, near perfect. This is music I could imagine being last on the dance floor to at the end of a brilliant night out; arms flailing and not giving a shit who’s watching. That type of thing, you know.


With vocals delivered in their mother tongue, Swnami’s musical brand is precise and calculated synth driven indie rock capable of elevating serotonin levels and evoking the happiest of summer festival vibes. With faint nods to the Maccabees and Arctic Monkeys, it’s fair to say Swnami has an undeniable talent for making perfectly crafted catchy songs which cleverly imprint themselves into the make up of your brain. The cute quintet from Dolgellau has gigged heavily since 2010 and their debut album was released last year. Radio 1, Radio Wales and Radio Cymru are big fans. How could you not be too?


We reckon Castles could claim the mantle of Gorkis Zygotic Mynci, or at least honour their legacy. Well, whatever, this is Krautrock with lush electro-pop sensibilities. Castles has been performing for an impressive 9 years now and their scuzzy psych rock will make you feel warm in the belly. Nourishing their creativity with the stunning Snowdonia scenery surrounding their studios (complete with two castles in view), this trio is loved by BBC6 music et al. Castles are epic. End of. Plus, I really, really want to hug them all with their floppy hair and cute jumpers.