The Best of British Marine life at Anglesey’s leading all weather family attraction!

Would you like to know all about British seas and the kind of creatures that live in them? Want to see sharks, seahorses, octopus, lobsters and other exciting British marine animals up close? Then this is the place for you!

Anglesey Sea Zoo is a unique aquarium with over 40 tanks displaying the best of British marine wildlife! Don’t expect to see large sharks, tropical fish or sea turtles – instead you’ll find fascinating creatures from around the coasts of the UK, such as octopus, lobsters, seahorses, cuttlefish and small British catsharks! Explore British marine habitats including a colourful reef and incredible invertebrates in the No Bone Zone, the wolf fish lair, a crashing wave, a creepy shipwreck and a kelp forest full of huge fish.

Discover incredible invertebrates like starfish, anemones, sea urchins, octopus and the mesmerising moon jellyfish, and try to spot the colourful corkwing wrasse, the cheeky tompot blennies and the venomous weever fish as you creep through our spooky shipwreck. You’ll also learn about British marine habitats and the research and conservation work which is helping to save them!

Lobster Hatchery

Female European lobsters in the hatchery carry eggs under their tails until they hatch. Learn about the lobster life cycle and check out the adorable tiny baby lobsters who’ll eventually be released back into the sea to boost the local population! Don’t forget to take a look at Clawdette, our rare bright orange European lobster – this colour variation is only found in 1 in every 30 million lobsters!

British Seahorse Nursery

One of the visitor favourites! Our seahorse exhibit is home to both species of British seahorse – the short-snouted seahorse (Hippocampus hippocampus) and the long-snouted seahorse (Hippocampus guttulatus.) Learn all about the extraordinary lifestyle and reproduction of these amazing but vulnerable creatures, and the threats they face in the wild. If you’re lucky, you might even see a pregnant male during the spring/summer breeding season (yes, the males give birth!)

Once you’ve finished in the aquarium, why not head over to our fantastic Rockpool Café? Enjoy delicious home cooked cakes, snacks, meals and daily specials all made from the best locally sourced produce. Next door to the café is our superb gift shop, well stocked with a huge range of gifts, souvenirs, toys, confectionary and local produce, we guarantee there’s something for everyone. Non aquarium visitors are always welcome in our café and gift shop!

Don’t forget to have fun outside in our outside play area – have fun on the huge Bouncy Castle and slide, the Pirate’s Playground, Captain Jake’s Crazy Golf, Gator Swamp Boats and the Cannon Blaster!

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