Take the leap with Skydive Swansea

Tick something off the bucket list this year with a tandem skydive at Skydive Swansea – it’s easier, safer and more reasonable than you might expect.

“Not in a million years!” That’s how many people feel when they think about skydiving. In fact, Sara Williams, co-founder of Skydive Swansea, says even those who have decided to take the leap (if you’ll excuse the pun) are often nervous once they face the reality of getting on the plane.

“You can see it on their faces: what am I doing here, how did I get talked into this?” she says. “But then you see them walking back in once they’ve landed, with the biggest, most beaming smiles on their faces. They can’t believe what they’ve done, they’re so thrilled. Often they want to do it again. In fact, we had one lady do three skydives with us in one day!”

There are a lot of misconceptions about skydiving, according to Sara, who set up Skydive Swansea with her husband Carl. Like the idea that it’s a one size fits all experience. In fact, you can choose between two different jump heights – the classic 12,000ft one, with its 40 seconds or so of free fall followed by a gentle five or six minute canopy ride, or the 7,000ft Ground Rush, where the 10 seconds of free fall offers a more bitesized taste of the thrill.

Price is another thing that surprises people. The 12,000ft jump costs £230 and the Ground Rush just £160, and Skydive Swansea offer vouchers which are valid for 12 months, so you could always get your friends and family to chip in for a special birthday present. You could also add in one of two filming options, to give you a memento of your experience.

Probably the biggest challenge is the fear factor though, the worry about something going wrong. But the reality is that’s highly unlikely. “Yes, there’s an element of risk but the most dangerous thing is the car journey to the airport and home again,” says Sara. “The UK has the strictest regulations of all skydiving countries and our instructors have to go through rigorous training.”

Carl himself is one of the instructors that takes visitors up for their tandem experience. He first started skydiving as part of the British Army Team and has done over 13,000 jumps in his career. He’s also been British National Champion several times, and Skydive Swansea is the current host of the British Accuracy Championships.

It’s a family run team and they pride themselves on giving every single visitor a personal one-to-one experience you’ll remember for a lifetime. When you arrive for your jump, you’ll go through a group briefing with plenty of time to ask questions and look at dozens of photos that show exactly what you’ll be doing.

Next it’s time to get kitted up, which happens in the communal viewing area where your friends and family can watch your jump from. You’ll have a chance to practice your body positions and then it’s on to the plane ready to take to the skies. Throughout this process you’ll be with the same instructor, so when the pair of you step out of the plane at 7,000 or 12,000ft, you’ll feel safe and secure that you’ll be well looked after.

“Lots of people have skydiving on their bucket list and once you’ve tried it you’ll be so glad you did,” says Sara. “We had one 90 year old jump with us and he came back again on his 91st birthday! Push yourself, go out of your comfort zone, surprise yourself. You can do this. And if you can do this, what else could you achieve?”
Are you ready to take the leap?

Call Skydive Swansea today on 01792 207035, email info@skydiveswansea.com or visit www.skydiveswansea.co.uk for more information.