Improve your mental health and make the most of Summer with Spiritual Spa

Long days and warm summer nights are with us again. For some it means holidays, travel, socialising, hobbies and getting out and about with family and friends. For others it’s just another summer of frustration; weeks of anxiety, panic attacks, depression, stress and constant reminders that time, and opportunities are passing by.

Diagnosed with mental illness, it’s a reality that 39 year old, Rhian Jones endured for years before finally finding the solution she needed and with it, a new lease of life:

“8 years ago, I had depression and anxiety which was so disabling it would leave me bed ridden for months. All I could manage was seasonal and part time work. Driving alone was impossible and motorways sent me into a panic attack. I longed to travel and explore the world but couldn’t maintain a relationship and didn’t have the confidence to go alone.

At my worst point, getting through each day as it arrived was my only goal. It was a living nightmare and knowing there was no cure made it even worse.

I was desperate for a solution and was made aware of all the conventional techniques by my medically trained family. Nothing worked. I believed life was over and considered suicide.

Eight years later I have a full time job as a site manager, rent my own place and am building a business using the qualifications I gained years ago as a therapist. I have flown to Spain alone and driven around the Costa Blanca by myself taking stress in my stride. I regularly travel the motorways across Wales as part of my work without any problems and enjoy the freedom it gives me. I’m free of depression, anxiety is over as are panic attacks. I feel like a completely different person, finally free of all the baggage and negative side effects of life experience. I am enjoying life and have a future to look forward to”.

“Not just the best in Wales.. the best in the world” – Roz Woodward

“I had high expectations.. Helen delivered” – Noreen Blanuet

“Recommended to any organisation in any climate” – Denis Campbell

“An amazing lady, an incredible gift” – Helen Livesey-Jones

With twenty years experience, a proven approach to mental health issues and having herself fully recovered from a breakdown age 35, trained specialist, Helen Wingstedt offers people a life line.

You will find Helen running workshops, courses and talks at the Spiritual Spa in Llantwit Major, Vale of Glamorgan. Personalised recovery programmes that restore natural positivity and professional performance courses can be arranged by appointment. Exclusive, Spanish retreats on the Costa Blanca are planned for 2019 with strictly limited availability.

For more information about Helen and her native American influenced approach and to hear Rhian Jones talk about her inspiring journey of recovery, please visit

Spiritual Spa, 6 Church Street, Llantwit Major, CF61 1SB
0345 450 4481, 07766 444512.


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