People are going wild for the new Harry Potter-themed Vans collection

It features shoes themed around the four houses, and stand-out items from the HP universe.

The first Harry Potter book might be more than two decades old now, but author JK Rowling’s magical creation is still as popular as ever. Case in point: The new Vans collection.

The shoes are clearly Vans kicks, but with a wizarding twist.

One pair features a newspaper print to look like the Daily Prophet (the wizarding world’s newspaper) and one is dedicated to the magical Marauder’s Map.

There are also individual styles themed around each of Hogwarts’ houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Each house is in a dedicated style of Vans, like the Sk8-Hi or the classic slip-on.

The Slytherin shoes
The Slytherin shoes (Vans/PA)

The stand-out pair has to be Slytherin, which is covered in a green snakeskin pattern – a nod to the house’s signature colour and mascot.

The Hufflepuff shoes
The Hufflepuff shoes (Vans/PA)

However, just like in the books, you can’t stop the infighting between houses. Not all Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff fans are pleased with their shoes – one is blue and grey check and the other is plain black with a logo. Compared to how intricate and special the Gryffindor and Slytherin styles are, the other houses could arguably feel like they’ve been done a bit dirty.

The Ravenclaw shoes
The Ravenclaw shoes (Vans/PA)

Regardless, people have been counting down to the collection’s release…

Some people have already managed to get their hands on a pair.

It’s not just footwear getting the Harry Potter treatment either, but also everything from backpacks and hoodies, to jackets and hats. You can shop the collection here.