Mermaid Quay open for business

Welsh Water has now completed work on the sewer replacement scheme at Mermaid Quay.

Work on the £2 million investment project which Welsh Water began in September 2018, involved repairing and replacing the Victorian sewer which ran under Stuart Street and Bute Street is now complete. Welsh Water removed around 800 tons of sewage, made up mainly of fat, oil and grease that was illegally put into the sewer, the equivalent of 133 African elephants beneath the streets of one of Cardiff’s busiest areas.

Mermaid Quay Centre Manager Justin Patel said: “We are delighted that Welsh Water’s sewer repairs have reached completion. It’s certainly been a challenging ten months for all concerned, but we are now looking forward to a fantastic summer with lots to entertain visitors both in Mermaid Quay and the wider inner harbour area of Cardiff Bay.”

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