Matt Johnson tells us why he comes home for Christmas

He’s been voted Wales’ sexiest man – but sorry, ladies, Matt Johnson is off the market – and he’d love to start a family

There is, arguably, only one thing ladies love more than a heartthrob – and that’s a heart throb cuddling a puppy. Matt Johnson is one of those men. But don’t just take our word for it – he was voted Wales’ sexiest man in 2010, and his Instagram feed is full of pictures of him hugging cute hounds.

The dark-haired presenter grew up in Caerphilly, in south Wales, and began his presenting career for ITV Wales in 2009, on The Wales Show – proving that, while he was climbing the career ladder, his heart still remained firmly in his home country.

The now 35-year-old moved onto daytime show This Morning, where he presented in the ‘Hub’, from 2010 until 2013, as well as co-hosting Channel Five’s Ok! TV. In 2007, Matt appeared in an episode of Gavin and Stacey, set in Barry Island, close to home for Matt.

He’s now working with the People’s Postcode Lottery as an ambassador, which sees him visiting people’s homes across the UK and presenting them with their winnings. But, while work might mean he’s now based in London and takes him all around the country, Matt’s heart and soul still belong to Wales – especially at Christmas.

What do you love about Wales?

I love everything about Wales. I’m more appreciative of its countryside than ever before. When I used to live there, I took the mountains and beaches for granted, now when I go back there, and I go hiking with my dad and I absolutely love it. I love our language, it’s something I’ve been learning over the last six years. I’m terrible at it, and I wouldn’t say I’m fluent, but I’m getting there. I’m understanding a lot more of it.

You sound very proud of Wales…

I love our culture and our passion for the arts. When I talk to people in London, I go on about how lucky we are to have Eisteddfods and to be able to get together and sing. Music is a really big part of us, part of our identity and it’s beautiful, and as well as our creative side, I love our sports – rugby and football and the passion we have for boxing. We’re a passionate nation with a wonderful identity.

Will you be at home in Wales for Christmas?

I always go back home to Caerphilly for Christmas to spend time with the family. I love a Christmas morning or Boxing Day morning walk up Caerphilly mountain, and then we go to the Black Cock pub for a couple of pints, and walk home. I also love Cardiff Bay in the winter as well as in the summer, and just across the water, Penarth. There’s nothing like walking by the pier and being close to the water, walking my parents’ dog, on a cold, frosty winter day, and rounding it off with a cup of coffee at a local café. There’s something very special about that.

What do you struggle with since you left Wales?

I’ve had imposter syndrome every moment since I left Cardiff to move to London. I just feel like somebody’s going to lift the velvet rope and kick me out… it’s awful, and for some reason, I think a lot of people I know have that, but they keep it secret. My motivation to get to London was purely driven by people saying, ‘You will never do it’ and I wanted to prove a lot of people wrong, which is a legitimate motivation. However, it doesn’t give you any longevity, because when I got to London and got to This Morning, my motivation was gone. It was a big thing for me to let go of that negativity to move forward.

Are you dating at the moment?

I’m dating someone – we’ve been going out three months, and that may have something to do with my chipper mood. I hope this is ‘the One’ – I better not ruin this one, so fingers crossed! She’s someone who works in the business but isn’t in the public eye. I’d like to have a family. I would like to do things in the right way – I don’t want to rush anything. I’d love in the foreseeable future to start a little family. I want a daughter and to call her Olive after my nan.

Matt Johnson is supporting Sanofi Pasteur to encourage under 65s who have heart disease to get a flu jab, offered free of charge on the NHS to those that fall within a recommended ‘at risk’ group between now and March via GPs and pharmacies.