Independent Cinema brings Swishing to Swansea

Swansea’s independent cinema, Cinema & Co. will be opening their doors to frock swappers on Tuesday 5th June at 6PM.

The aim is for people to exchange their valued but no longer used items for clothing they will use.

Swishing isn’t a new concept but has become a phenomenon in more recent years. Apps such as Depop have become more and more popular among students as a way of giving their unwanted clothes a second (maybe third or fourth) life. Not only is it a good way to get rid of unwanted clothes, but its also a good way to combat the fast fashion climate we’re living in.

The concept is simple. Drop off your unwanted items to us, we take them off your hands, set up rails of clothes and then let attendees loose. The clothing that is left is given to our chosen organisations.

Cinema & Co. owner Anna Redfern said: “Our first clothes swapping event in April was a roaring success with everyone asking if we’d do another one so here it is! As a business who loathes the throwaway society that we live in, putting on such an event means we can promote the reduce-reuse-recycle mantra that hopefully others will adopt.”

A movement called Fashion Revolution have created a manifesto with the aim of doing just what the title says – to revolutionise fashion. They believe that the making of clothes should NOT exploit people or destroy our planet. Their hashtag #haulternatives gives people many alternative ways to shop for a whole new wardrobe, one of which includes ‘swapping, swishing, sharing.’

The simplest way to extending the life of your clothes is by giving them a new owner and that’s exactly what Cinema & Co.’s Clothes Swap event is all about.

The Clothes Swap will take place at Cinema & Co., 17 Castle Street, Swansea.
Tickets cost just £5 and include a glass of bucks fizz and nibbles.