Independence Day USA: Red, white and blue food to celebrate July 4

It’s a great excuse for a summer party.

July 4 is a major holiday in the US, where Americans celebrate their independence from Britain, granted in 1776.

And by celebrate we mean, put on major parades, scatter the skies with fireworks, and get everyone over for a huge cookout.

Keen to get involved? Here are some colour co-ordinated foods for the occasion…

Iced cookies

Great to make with the kids, and a chance to show off your piping skills.

Layer cakes


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happy fourth, friends! hope you have a safe + festive day 🇺🇸

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The more tiers and blueberries the better.

Jelly shots

Boozy ones for the grown ups, lemonade ones for the kids.

Epic fruit salad

So impressive, you almost wouldn’t want to eat it. Almost.

Cherry pie

Is it even an American -themed party if you don’t serve pie?

Fruity ice cubes

These will give any drink a pop – and the fruit will help counteract all the burgers and hot dogs you’ll like be eating too.

Red meat


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Try the delicious #lynxgrills Thyme-smoked Porterhouse Steak recipe at your Fourth of July Celebration! Link to the recipe in bio.

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Get those steaks on the barbie.