Forte School of Music tells us about the music classes they offer in Cardiff

At a first glance, it’s not obvious what happens at Forte School of Music. Yes, we teach lessons on a variety of instruments. Yes, we run classes for babies and toddlers, introducing them to the joy of music and yes, we offer lessons for adults as well as children.

But these are no ordinary music lessons! What we offer at Forte is an exciting, engaging, unique approach to music tuition in a warm, welcoming environment that makes you feel part of something special.

For little ones aged between 6 months and 3½ years, our Jungle Music programme is a perfect first step on their musical journey. Using songs, rhymes, instruments, props and puppets, Jungle Music not only teaches the fundamental concepts of music, it also encourages development in areas such as numbers, colours and the world around us.

Next is our foundation piano course, Music is Fun for 3½ – 5 year olds where the children get introduced to the piano and start learning note names through solfege (do, re, me). Our premier beginner piano courses, Junior Keys (5 – 7 years) and Piano Keys (7 – 9 years) focus on learning being fun, incorporating movement, singing, percussion ensembles, music theory and composition into fast-paced lessons designed to keep your child engaged and focussed.

The journey doesn’t stop there! If you’re aged 10 years or upwards (there is no upper age limit to learning music), we offer a variety of lessons, ranging from private tuition on a wide selection of instruments, to Coffee Keys, our adult drop-in piano class and Forte Live – our new band club for the rockers amongst you.

We offer performance opportunities to every student, whether it’s doing a band gig as a member of Forte Live or playing in our annual Forte Festival, we actively encourage all students to show off as often as possible!

At Forte, we are happy to support our local community and you will often find us taking part in local events. We are also proud to support our chosen charity, Ronald McDonald House, and run several fundraising events through the year such as family singalongs and our annual Playathon.

So, you see, we’re not just an ordinary music school – Forte School of Music offers so much more!

For more information call 029 2063 1340 or visit