Figs are in season – here’s what to do with them

They might seem a little exotic, but you can do all sorts with them.

Dusky purple and rarely seen off the cheeseboard, figs have a certain regalness to them.

Whether you’re already a paid up member of the fig appreciation society, or new to the Asian fruit with its curves and ruby flesh, they’re in season – so get eating.

Here are a few ideas for what to do with them (and not a figgy pudding in sight)…

1. Pop them in with your morning cereal or yoghurt – they’re slightly more exciting than having blueberries, again

2. Make fig jam – and then spread it on everything

3. If you like fig jam, you’ll love a spiced fig chutney

4. Bake them into an upside down cake – it just looks so pretty, and makes a change from pineapple

5. Roast them alongside a couple of duck legs – lamb would work too we reckon

6. Try fig ice cream – it’s subtle, but quite lovely

7. Use them to flavour panna cotta – and fig slices look so elegant strewn on top

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8. The classic choice: Eat them with loads and loads (and loads) of goat’s cheese

9. Serve with rocket and parma ham as a starter, or a mid-afternoon snack, or just lunch every day until they’re no longer in season

10. Do homemade fig rolls, if you can muster the patience…

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Great British Bake Off 2019 Technical Challenge – week 2: Fig Rolls I had never eaten a fig roll in my life until I made these things. I hadn’t event touched one. Tbh, I’m surprised I even recognised them from the “next time” section of cake week. They were surprisingly nice – I probably wouldnt make them for myself but if someone else asked me to bake them for an event or something, I reckon I could manage! Difficulty to complete on time: 2/10 – these were relatively simple (if a little stressful when I spilled an entire cup of water over an uncut set of rolls by accident). Look: 9/10 – not completely regular but seemed close enough Taste: 7/10 – nice but didn’t blow me away. (Mum gave it a 9.5/10 but also she really likes fig rolls so I feel like I had a bit of slack this week)

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11. Pile them onto a tart – cheesecake base optional, but very much advised