Enjoy a delicous taste of Wales

Wales has some of the finest produce in the World, here’s our top 5 that should be on your shopping list.

The Welsh landscape reflects the fresh, flavoursome quality of the food and drink produced here in Wales. From kitchen staples like Glengettie Tea that’s been enjoyed in Wales for generations to brand new juice brand Get Wonky that’s taking on the drinks industry by creating an eco-conscious product from unwanted fruit and vegetables. Our food producers know what they are doing by creating unique products that are intrinsically linked to Wales.

So next time you’re filling your basket look out for one of our hot picks.

Eco Drinks

Get Wonky is a Welsh juice company based in Cardiff that makes its drinks from wonky or misshapen fruit.

It started when co-founder Maciek Kacprzyk discovered that over 4 million apples are thrown away every day in the UK. With his partner Karina Sudenyte began making juice, using packaging made from recycled glass. The drinks don’t require refrigeration, and the business model supports growers whose produce can’t reach the exacting aesthetic demands laid out by supermarkets.


Taste of the sea

Making the most of nature’s bounty, Conwy Mussels are known for their colourful shells and rich tasting meat, all sustainably hand-raked from the seabed for their distinctive quality.

The North Wales mussel industry has been around for over 200 years and despite competition from dredged and rope grown mussels, Conwy continue to hand-rake wild mussels from small wooden boats, a skill passed down for generations.

Craft Ales

From the heart of the Valleys, Cwm Rhondda Ales are a true taste of Wales with a great range of craft beers made from natural Welsh spring water and locally sourced hops and barley.

The unique taste and quality stands out from the crowded market of mass produced bland beers and you’ll taste the rugged Welsh landscape in every drop.

Brewed at over 1500 feet at the family’s mountain farm in the Rhondda Valley, the Jones family are rightly proud of their ales which are made using traditional methods and botted by hand.

There’s an amazing selection of ales, with something for everyone whatever your taste including Afon Aur and Pit Head, two fresh golden ales, Boyo and Tommy Box are slightly fruity. For the more adventurous there’s Shwmae But which is brewed with hints of coffee and chocolate.

Welsh Tea

Glengettie Tea has a distinct flavour that Welsh people love, this is partially due to the fact that it was especially developed over 50 years ago to complement the water in Wales. When we want a nice refreshing cuppa we reach for the Glengettie because nothing else quite compares.

The range has something for everyone including loose leaf and decaf. The award winning gold is the finest blend, full of flavour, bright in colour and smooth in taste, this tea is the perfect premium cuppa.

Glengettie Tea is available in all major supermarkets across Wales and continues to be one of the best-selling teas in the country, made just for us!

Perfect for packed lunches 

Gareth Roberts and his family have been producing yogurt from Tal y Bryn Farm in the small village of Llannefydd overlooking the North Wales coast since the 80s.
Perfecting the recipe along the way, Llaeth y Llan is now the best yogurt you will ever taste, produced right here in Wales. There’s a great range of flavours including blackcurrant, mandarin and pineapple, all rich and creamy, bursting with fresh goodness (the banana is our family’s favourite).

The small pots are ideal for kids lunch boxes and you know by putting a pot of Llaeth y Llan in they are getting lots of healthy, immune boosting probiotics that will set them up for the day.