Clementines are in season – here’s what to do with them

It’s easy peeler time again.

Wooden crates of these shiny-skinned citrus fruits are starting to pop up in supermarkets – because is it really Christmas if there aren’t bowls of clementines scattered about?

After all, no festive dinner party is complete without an easy peeler or two as a post-dessert snack, alongside a handful of nuts freshly cracked out of their shells, of course. And a stocking isn’t a proper stocking if there isn’t one lurking in the toe.

But if you’re totally inundated with clementines, here are a few more ways to enjoy them…

1. Make clementine jam to slather on bread, with loads and loads of salted butter…

2. Go all out with a decadent French bûche clémentine – a white chocolate clementine yule log

3. Clementines work in cake just as well as oranges – grate the zest into batter or icing, and use the juice as a drizzle

4. Traditionally they’ve been prone to being candied – with good reason

5. Mull them – dried or fresh, bung ’em in a pan with wine and cinnamon

6. You’ll feel oh-so virtuous squeezing them for juice

7. Pep up biscuits and biscotti with their juice and zest – then dunk in tea

8. Remember the Eighties with a glossy, clementine-topped cheesecake

9. They’re super sweet, but roasted with carrots and layered over burrata, they can be savoury too