Claudia Winkleman’s ultimate beauty essentials, from lip balm to perfume

The Strictly presenter reveals her hair and make-up must-haves. By Katie Wright.

Asked about her trademark make-up look – bronzed skin, heavily lined eyes and a pale pink lip – Claudia Winkleman is characteristically self-deprecating.

“The girl who does my face [make-up artist Debbie Dannell], because of the way I like it, really doesn’t get a lot of work because of me,” the Strictly host tells me, on a Zoom call from her London home.

“Because they ask, ‘Who do you do?’, and she goes, ‘Claudia’, and they’re like, ‘The one that’s bright orange with the black and the white…?’”

Still, the busy mum – Winkleman and her husband Kris Thykier have three children: Jake (19), Matilda (15) and Arthur (10) – isn’t about to change her signature style any time soon, and has huge respect for the pros who work their magic before she steps in front of the camera.

“I’m rubbish at doing my own make-up, because I’m impatient and short-sighted,” says Winkleman, who turned 50 in January. “But when a make-up artist does that highlight thing? You look like you might have just gone on a big walk – you know what I mean? It’s just there, the little rosy cheek… I love having my face done!”

And when it comes to buying cosmetics herself, the TV and radio presenter, who is also an ambassador for Head and Shoulders, knows exactly what she likes.

Here, Winkleman runs down her hair, make-up and fragrance favourites…

Lip balm

Glossier Coconut Balm Dotcom

Glossier Coconut Balm Dotcom, £10

“I love any lip salve. I love – what’s this one that I just used? Glossier. Unbelievable. This is coconut. I just put it on and I was like, ‘Oh, it’s like being on holiday’.”


MAC Cremesheen Lipstick Bosom Friend

MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Bosom Friend, £18.50

“I love MAC. Fleshpot lipstick is the only thing I’ll use,” Winkleman said when we spoke, but the shade was discontinued shortly after. However, Bosom Friend is a similar pale pink shade.


Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette The Rock Chick
(Charlotte Tilbury/PA)

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette The Rock Chick, £40

“Charlotte Tilbury is a goddamn genius. She’s a genius. I love her Rock Chick eye palette.”


Rimmel London Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil

Rimmel London Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil, £2.99, Boots

“I love Rimmel. They’ve got a black kohl, that’s bloody good.”


Guerlain Maxi Lash Extra Volume Lash Black

Guerlain Maxi Lash Extra Volume Lash Black, £28, John Lewis

“Sali Hughes, who’s a genius beauty writer, I said to her, ‘What’s the best mascara in the world?’ She said Guerlain Maxi Lash. You’ve never ever tried anything like it in your life! It’s bang for your buck. Unbelievable.”


Head & Shoulders Deep Cleanse Itch Prevention Anti Dandruff Shampoo
(Head & Shoulders/PA)

Head & Shoulders Deep Cleanse Itch Prevention Anti Dandruff Shampoo, £6, Boots

“Head and Shoulders is the only thing I will ever use on my head. Even when they fire me, that’s absolutely fine, I don’t mind, I totally get it, they can find somebody new, but I will never use a different shampoo. I love their Deep Cleanse range. Oh my god, there’s one that smells of mint – it’s like giving your head a cuddle.”


Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum, from £57, Escentual

“The only perfume I ever wear is Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium. I would say it’s possibly because I’m 50, I’m quite old, but I am loyal. You know when you find your thing? I just stick with it.”