5th annual Chilli Fest returns to Merthyr for 2019

Chilli Fest
22nd June

Chilli Fest returns to Penderyn Square, outside the old town hall, where you’ll find some of the best chilli producers from around the UK exhibiting the best chilli products like mild to crazy extreme chilli sauces, naga cooking sauces, chilli plants, chilli merchandise and more, which cannot be found in local outlets.

Along with exhibits there will also be street food and surrounding the entire venue is a number of restaurants, cafes & bars for visitors to put their feet up. Don’t miss the chilli eating contest which will be around 2 to 3pm.

This event is all about chilli and nothing else, so if you love all things hot this is the event for you and its free to visit and a great out for the whole family.

For more information visit www.chillifest.net