As research reveals we’re ‘less confident’ with grey hair, 9 celebs who embrace the silver look

The study shows a difference in attitudes between men and women towards going grey.

‘Going grey’ used to be a phrase only associated with growing older, and hair colour companies made a point of declaring how effective their products were at covering up silver strands.

But nowadays the beauty aisles are full of box dyes with the opposite purpose: turning one’s locks the colour of a storm cloud.

People of all ages have been rocking the grey look recently, but in spite of this trend there’s still a stigma associated with going grey naturally, according to new research.

The survey, carried out by Pantene, found that 40% of Brits say they feel less confident with grey hair, and that’s why the same percentage choose to tackle the offending strands, whether that’s with dye (24%), plucking (15%) or applying hair mascara (7%).

The research also revealed a gender divide, with 35% of those polled agreeing that ‘society is more accepting of grey haired men than women’. When asked the age at which it’s acceptable to let hair naturally go grey, the majority said 55 for women and 45 for men.

On the other hand, 24% of women have noticed a positive shift surrounding perceptions of going grey and a quarter say they now see more of their peers showing greys than ever before.

Pantene wants us to embrace our natural hair colour and has launched the Hair Biology Grey and Glowing range to help consumers banish brassy tones and achieve their best ever silver shade.

The study also found that a quarter of respondents feel encouraged by seeing grey-haired people in the public eye as it makes them feel more confident about their own hair, with celebrities like George Clooney, Philip Schofield and Meryl Streep named as some of the most ‘hair-spirational’ stars.


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42 weeks ago, I ditched the dye. I would’ve dyed my roots at least a dozen time by now. I came to the realization my reasons for dyeing my hair were unhealthy ones. For me, it was never a fun thing or act of self expression. I was dyeing it to make others more comfortable around me and to hide what I saw as ugly due to the conditioning I had fallen for hook, line and sinker. I was controlled by my roots and getting in every 3ish weeks to cover them and make myself temporarily feel better and more acceptable. I just did it because it’s what I was “supposed to do.” I did it to be accepted, not fully realizing what I really needed was to accept myself and develop a healthy relationship with my hair and self, aligning my choices with my desire for a healthy lifestyle inside and out. I have gained so much by letting go of what was unhealthy for me! 👩🏻‍🦳❤️ ______________________________________ #grombre #gogrombre #goinggray #silversisters #silverpower #silvercrown #freethesilver #greeneyes #goinggrey #silverhairdontcare #grayhairdontcare #greyhairdontcare #greyhairmovement #saltandpepperhair #nomoredye #ditchthedye #transitioningtogrey #greyhairtransition #openlygray #skunkhair #grayhair #greyhairjourney #greyhair #agepositive #thisis45 #silvervixen #silverhair #silversister #healthylifechoices #openlygrey

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But it’s not just older celebs who are proving that silver strands are cool. Here we celebrate nine famous faces, from 20-something to septuagenarians who rock the grey-haired look…

1. George Clooney

The original Hollywood silver fox, George Clooney has had heartthrob status for more than 20 years, and some would argue the actor just keeps getting better with age…

Catch 22 UK Premiere – London
(Ian West/PA)

2. Lady Gaga

Is there any hair colour Lady Gaga hasn’t had at one point or another? The pop chameleon loves to switch up her look which is why it’s no surprise she tried the silver hair trend at the 2015 Grammy Awards, and looked amazing.


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Thank you @brandonvmaxwell for my beautiful dress! I felt so sexy! 💋

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3. Meryl Streep

At 70, Meryl Streep is at the height of her acting powers and she’s as beautiful as ever, proving that letting your grey roots grow out can be supremely flattering.

Mary Poppins Returns European Premiere – London
(Ian West/PA)

4. Helen Mirren

Another favourite in the silver vixen category, Helen Mirren has made her a silver-blonde bob her signature ‘do – she always looks incredible on the red carpet.

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw Special Screening – London
(Matt Crossick/PA)

5. Phillip Schofield

Presenter Phillip Schofield revealed last year that he was told by TV bosses early in his career to dye his hair when it started going grey aged 19, but the This Morning star later decided to embrace his silver hue. Now, at 56, the Schofe has cemented his status as telly’s foremost silver fox.


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Love this lady 😊😍

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6. Zayn Malik

Former One Direction star Zayn Malik was one of the first young celebs to try the grey trend, sending the internet into meltdown when he unveiled his ash grey ‘do in 2015.  In fact, the singer may be responsible for the boom in grey hair dye sales among millennials.

7. Matt LeBlanc

We may still be watching endless episodes of Friends on Netflix starring brown-haired Matt LeBlanc as the lovable Joey Tribbiani, but these days the 52-year-old lets his salt-and-pepper locks shine through.


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Always fun to stop by the late late show. Thanks again GaGa @ladygaga @j_corden @latelateshow

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8. Ariana Grande

Pop princess Ariana Grande is famous for her uber-long extensions that vary in colour from platinum blonde to deepest brunette. The singer has also opted for shiny silver-grey on several occasions, including on the cover of her Sweetener album.


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9. Ciara

Never one to shy away from a statement hairdo, American pop singer Ciara has experimented with silver styles on the red carpet, from long, flowing locks to a cool metallic bob at the 2016 Met Gala.

The 89th Academy Awards – Elton John Party – Los Angeles
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