5 podcasts to help you get through working from home

Stuck at the kitchen table? Get some wisdom in your ears…

Working from home can be quite tedious. And looking for inspiration on social media can send you down a rabbit hole of over-comparison and memes.

Instead, why not try a podcast? They’re a fast-growing way for people to share not just comedy or true crime, but also business advice and experience.

Here’s some to inspire you if you’re working from home right now.

1. Doing it For the Kids

Co-hosted by podcasters Frankie Tortora and Steve Folland, this one’s aimed at freelancers who have families – which many of those who are working from home will relate to right now.

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I don’t want to break the internet or anything BUT THIS IS MY FACE 😱 . If you didn’t know, #DIFTK isn’t run by a ‘team’ of people. There is no swanky office. No after work drinks. And while I have some AMAZING support from some AMAZING DIFTKers (@decanddash_ingrid @sfolland I’m looking at you 😉) this project is essentially run by me, Frankie, in my baked-bean-stained loungewear. . I’m a graphic designer and mum of two just trying to navigate the madness that is working freelance alongside my full-time job as a parent. It’s frustrating, and it’s exhausting, and it’s the best fucking thing I’ve ever done. . If that sounds like YOU then you’re definitely in the right place. Over the past three years I’ve somehow (not sure how tbh) built a collaborative blog, a hilarious and insanely busy Facebook community, a weekly podcast with @sfolland and (the occasional) face-to-face meetup. . Hopefully you know about some of things already but if not, all the links you need are in my bio. . Get involved! Come share your ups and your downs, your Ryan Gosling gifs and make some REAL connections with other freelance and self-employed parents looking to chat with people that UNDERSTAAAAAND. . My DMs are always open for questions, shit jokes and any and all FOOD-related chat. #youknowme #priorities . 📸 @jezfreedman

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2. Is This Working?

From journalists Anna Codrea-Rado and Tiffany Philippou, this pod addresses the kind of questions you ask yourself but daren’t ask a colleague – things like ‘Am I working hard enough?’

There are also bonus episodes, including ‘Working from home’.

3. Working from home with Stylist

Set up at the start of lockdown with editor in chief of Stylist magazine, Lisa Smosarski, and editor at large Alix Walker as your self-appointed ‘work wives’, episodes include celebrity chats and discussions on flexible working, comparison culture and feeling isolated.

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Introducing our brand new podcast, Working from Home with Stylist. In response of the Covid-19 crisis, we wanted to provide you with the emotional and practical support every woman needs, as well as the office banter we’re all sorely missing. Each week, editor-in-chief @lisasmosarski and editor-at-large, @alixkwalker1 will bring you everything from practical and reassuring advice, to vibrant watercooler chat. You can download and subscribe on @apple, @spotify and @acastforthestories. Or tap on the link to listen to our first episode with productivity ninja, @grahamallcott and to hear what @ruthmadeley’s top 10 favourite crisps are, because snacking is everything in isolation. Oh, and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments 👇#wfhwithstylist

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4. Woman’s Hour

The daily podcast from the BBC show has quite a few lockdown-focused episodes right now, as well as all the captivating subject matters you’d expect.

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What podcasts are getting you through lockdown? 💜🎧🤔 Apart from Woman’s Hour of course! 😉 . . On Monday’s episode we heard from Phoebe Judge, the host and co-creator of @criminal_podcast (swipe left 👈 for 📸). It has more than 5.5m downloads each month and every episode tells a different real life crime story, from Jolly Jane the notorious poisoner, to the tale behind the phrase ‘Stockholm syndrome’. Phoebe spoke to @janegarvey23 about podcasting, female criminals and our obsession with true crime and the macabre. 😱 You can hear the interview on the Woman’s Hour podcast feed on @bbcsounds 🎧 (where you can also binge on ALL our episodes 👍as well as a HUGE collection of other great podcasts too). . . Have you listened to Criminal, or is that too dark for you right now? What type of podcasts are you turning to at the moment? 📱🙌😊We’d LOVE to hear your recommendations in the comments below 💡👇 and why not share this post or tag a friend who you think would enjoy Woman’s Hour?! 🙏 . . . #podcast #podcasts #podcaster #currentlylistening #podcastrecommendation #criminal #phoebejudge #women #truecrime #womanshour #bbcwomanshour #bbcsounds

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5. Ctrl Alt Delete

Queen of the ‘hyphen career’, Emma Gannon’s podcast is one of the originals to focus on work and how we approach it. The episode on how to stay sane when working from home is well worth a listen.