5 Hacks to help ease chafing this summer

These are all things you can try at home, without having to spend lots of money on products.

Summer is full of amazing things, like actual warmth on your skin and the excuse to drink in the daytime, but it’s not without its perils.

For many of us, the main drawback of this time of year is chafing – that highly irritating and painful phenomenon of skin rubbing against clothing or other skin.

Chub rub (as it’s delightfully known) can happen anywhere on the body, but as summer heats up, it’s our thighs that really bear the brunt. Even though the curvier amongst us tend to experience worse chafing, it can happen to anyone – including those who are into their sunshine exercise.

So, how can you get rid of chafing – or at least minimise it? Here are some easy hacks you can try if the summer sun is getting the better of you.

1. Anti-chafing bands

Chafing is caused by friction, so you can minimise this by preventing the skin from rubbing. Anti-chafing bands are hugely popular, because they’re inconspicuous bits of material you circle around the tops of your thighs, preventing the skin from touching.

Unfortunately, these bands aren’t a particularly well-kept secret and have sold out in places like Pretty Little Thing. Never fear, though, because you can actually make your own – get crafty by cutting up some tights or even wear cycling shorts underneath your favourite summer dress, and you’re good to go.

2. Lip balm

Wait, did you think that lip balm was only meant to go on your face? In fact, it’s multi-functional – not to mention cheap.

If you apply lip balm or Vaseline on the areas that are most likely to chafe, it will make the skin slick and slippery, and stop it from rubbing against skin or clothes.

3. Roll-on deodorant

Using deodorant to prevent chafing is one of those old wives’ tales that has been circulating Twitter for years, but it really seems to work (plus, it has celeb endorsement from the likes of Amy Schumer).

If you roll antiperspirant on the top of your thighs, it will stop them from sweating so much. As we all know, more sweat = more chafing, so the deodorant will help ease this.

4. Talcum powder

Talcum powder works in a similar way to deodorant, but instead of preventing sweat, it serves to soak it all up.

Just beware of applying too much baby powder to your legs – you don’t want to look like you’re leaving a trail of dandruff behind you as you leave the house…

5. Watch what you wear

If you’ve ever tried exercising in the heat, you’ll know that this is a total danger zone for chafing. It might seem unavoidable, but try and minimise chub rub as much as possible by wearing exercise gear that’s moisture wicking and fits close to the skin.

Even if you’re not working out, it’s also worth putting a bit more thought into what you’re wearing. Small changes can make a big difference – such as swapping out your normal undies for seamless underwear, meaning you won’t rub up against the seams any more.